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Silvan Irrigation Project (2nd part) Design


Diyarbakır Province, Turkey


State Hydraulic Works 10th Regional Directorate, Turkey


2011 - 2018

Description of Silvan Irrigation Project

The main water source of the project is the Silvan Dam which is under construction on the Kulp branch of Batman stream. The design of 36.18 km section of Silvan Right Bank Gravity Main Channel have been completed.

The initial capacity of the main channel is Q = 207.8 m³/s. This channel has been designed as a classic open channel with a section of trapezoidal concrete lining.

Design of hydraulic structures on the channel such as radial gated check structures, large parallel tunnels, large siphons (4×4,000 mm.) and galeries have also been completed by BARSU. Another purpose of the main channel is to feed the reservoirs of 7 large dams from the upstream of reservoirs by gravity.

The design of irrigation network and civil structures on the network belonging to 60,057 ha. area have been completed. 51,025 ha. area will be irrigated by gravity irrigation and 9,032 ha. area will be irrigated by pumping. Pumps of 4 pump stations, hydro-mechanical and electrical installations of the pump, energy transmission lines to the pump station projects have been designed.

Irrigation will be done from main open channel. To avoid sedimentation in the network, 4 filter stations have been planned. The entire irrigation network has been designed as a pressure pipe network with diameters ranging from 110 mm to 3,400 mm, with a total length of approximately 1,825 km.

 Main Features

  • Water Source: Silvan Dam
  • Irrigation Network: Medium and high pressure pipe irrigation system
  • Silvan Right Bank Main Channel Length: 36.18 km
  • Silvan Right Bank Main Channel Discharge: 207,80 m³/sec
  • Total Irrigation Area: 60,057 ha
  • Gravity Irrigation Area: 51,025 ha
  • Pumped Irrigation Area: 9,032 ha

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