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Irrigation and Drainage

Irrigation and drainage are among the main services provided by BARSU employees for more than 45 years.

BARSU employees have contributed to the design and management of the main irrigation and drainage networks, which have served over 2,500,000 ha until now.

BARSU serves to ensure the climate-independent supply, transmission and distribution of water required for the effective functioning of communities and industry. With its expert engineers in water supply and distribution, it offers innovative applications and creative sustainable solutions that meet the needs of clients and communities.

Our projects cover both large and small-scale works and include the design of irrigation systems and rehabilitation and modernization of existing systems.
We offer a broad portfolio of services covering all stages of the project cycle, from design to operation.

Our Expertise
  • Desingn of drainage channels, intake and diversion structures
  • Large channel projects for irrigation, diversion and flood prevention between basins
  • Pressure, transmission and main channels and design of tunnels
  • Design of pressurized irrigation systems
  • Design of open channel gravity irrigation systems
  • Design of all structures related to open and pressure transmission channels, main channels and irrigation networks
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of existing irrigation systems, planning and design studies
  • Design of on-farm irrigation systems
  • Investigation of groundwater resorvoir and design of relevant irrigation
  • Preparation of expropriation and land acquisition plans
  • Water distribution network optimization and simulation
  • Scada and automation systems
  • Pump and filter stations
  • Diversion weirs
  • Upstream and downstream control structures (AVIO, AVIS and Check)
  • Siphons and galleries
  • Pipeline energy dissipators
  • Bridges and culverts
  • Flood passages (culverts and superpassages)
  • Irrigation hydraulic structures
  • Fish Passages

Where to Find Us

Aşağı Öveçler Mah., 1314. Cd.
No: 10/13, 06460 Çankaya / Ankara – Turkey

Give Us a Call

Phone: +90 (312) 472 78 10

Fax: +90 (312) 472 78 11

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