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Dams and HEPPs

We have successfully completed the planning and design of more than 75 dams and HEPPs since 1996.

Dams and related facilities play a critical role in providing benefits such as supply of potable/industrial and irrigation water, hydro-electricity, and flood control.

BARSU provides all the services required to design a new dam/hydroelectric power plant or to rehabilitate an existing one.

These services are the planning and feasibility studies, field explorations, modeling studies and design and consultancy stages starting from the preliminary design and resulting in detailed design.

BARSU’s dam and hydraulic engineers optimize the use of storage, taking into account water demand, social and environmental concerns along with topography, geology and hydrology in the vicinity of dams and HEPPs.

BARSU closely follows world’s latest developments in dam design with its engineers who are also members of ICOLD and offers its clients modern, reliable, sustainable and innovative solutions.


  • Earth/homogeneous and rockfill dams
  • Gravity dams
  • Concrete face rockfill (CFRD) dams
  • Geomembrane faced rockfill dams
  • Roller compacted concrete (RCC) dams
  • Asphalt core dams
  • Buttress dams
  • Rubber dams
  • Ground-water dams
  • Tailings dams


  • River and channel runoff hydro-electric power plants
  • Tail race hydro-electric power plants
  • Gravity and pressurized energy/transmission tunnels
  • Underground hydroelectric power plants
  • With reservoir or without reservoir diversion weirs
  • Hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment of HEPPs

Expertise of Our Dam Engineers

  • Geological and geotechnical explorations, analyzes and evaluations for the determination of dam location, type and foundation conditions
  • Hydrology and hydraulic analysis
  • Hydrological and hydraulic design of spillways, diversion tunnels, intake structures and bottom outlets
  • Structural design of spillway, intake structures, tunnels, conduits, bottom otlets and etc.
  • Surface and groundwater drainage and hydraulics
  • Hydrogeological evaluation of drilling wells
  • Geophysical explorations
  • Seepage, stability and earthquake/dynamic analysis
  • Dam type alternative studies and economic analysis
  • Evaluation of existing dams in terms of earthquake
  • Dam break analysis
  • Preparation of dam safety inspection reports, emergency action plans and operation-maintenance manuals
  • Determination of reservoir filling procedures
  • Reservoir earth slide studies
  • Rehabilitation of existing dams
  • Placement of measuring instruments and evaluation of data

Where to Find Us

Aşağı Öveçler Mah., 1314. Cd.
No: 10/13, 06460 Çankaya / Ankara – Turkey

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