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Menzelet Irrigation 2nd and 3rd Parts Project


Kahramanmaras Province, Turkey


State Hydraulic Works 20th Regional Directorate, Turkey


2011 - 2018

Description of Menzelet Irrigation Project

The Project area is Turkey’s south and located in the Middle Ceyhan Basin. The Project was implemented in 2 stages. In the first stage, planning studies were carried out for irrigation, water transfer between basins and transmission channel/pipelines for flood prevention to serve for 55,252 ha. agricultural area. In the second stage, 46,831 km of transmission main pipeline/channel and 55,252 ha. irrigation area, piped irrigation network, hydraulic structures, 13 pumping stations and power transmission lines were designed. The entire irrigation network has been designed as a pressure pipe network with diameters ranging from 110 mm to 3,200 mm, with a total length of approximately 1,555 km.

Main Features

  • Water Resource: Kılavuzlu Dam
  • Main Transmission Channel: 46.8 km
  • Main Transmission Channel Discharge: 80 m³/sec
  • Total Irrigation Area: 55,252 ha
  • Gravity Irrigation Area: 8,154 ha
  • Pumped Irrigation Area: 47,098
  • Irrigation Network: Medium and high pressure pipe irrigation system.
  • Main Discharge Channel Length: 10.126 km
  • Total Length of Catch Channels: 32.821 km
  • Total Length of Discharge Channels: 11.888 km

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