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Konya-Eregli Ivriz Irrigation


Konya Province, Turkey


General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works Design and Construction Department


2010 - 2012

Description for Ivriz Irrigation

The Project is located in Konya Province closed basin. The studies were carried out in 2 stages. In the first stage, underground water resources (supply) studies were implemented for the modernization and rehabilitation of the 39,995 ha. of irrigation network to be irrigated by the Ivriz Dam. For the second stage, in addition to underground water resources, surface water resources were examined related to the climate changes. Irrigation will be done by using ground and underground water resources. 200+ km of main transmission line was designed in the Project. The entire irrigation network has been designed as a pressure pipe network with diameters ranging from 110 mm. to 2,400 mm. with a total length of approximately 1,250 km. In addition to surface resources, 140 groundwater wells and pumps are designed within the scope of the Project.

Main Features

  • Main Water Source: Ivriz Dam
  • Total Irrigation Area: 39,995 ha
  • Irrigation Network: Medium and high pressure pipe irrigation system.
  • Right Bank Irrigation Area: 24,715 ha
  • Right Bank Main Pipeline Length: 33.242 km
  • Left Bank Irrigation Area: 15,280 ha
  • Left Bank Main Pipeline Length: 34.058 km
  • YAS-1 Main Pipeline Length: 6.768 km
  • YAS-2 Main Pipeline Length: 9.041 km
  • Main drainage Channel: 14.683 km

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