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Güneşli Dam


Manisa Province, Turkey


General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, Turkey


2007 - 2009

Description of Güneşli Dam Project

Dam is designed as a clay core rockfill type. Within the scope of the project, dam body and cofferdams, spillway, bottom outlet, diversion conduit, intake structure, downstream channel improvement, material access roads, main access road,s electrical and mechanical final design drawings have been prepared. Topographic surveys, geotechnical investigations, determining barrow areas of construction materials, hydraulic studies, dam body static-dynamic analysis, seismic hazard analysis, related cost analysis, financial and economic analysis are among the services provided.

Main Features

  • Dam body type: Clay-cored rockfill dam
  • Height from the foundation: 43.00 m
  • Maximum storage volume: 8.15 million m³
  • Dam fill volume: 1,100,000 m³
  • Annual irrigation water capacity: 5.27 million m³

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