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Çetintepe Dam

Fill Volume 11.320.000 m³


Gaziantep Province, Turkey


General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works


2009 - 2011

Description of Çetintepe Dam

Çetintepe Dam is one of the main dams with the largest fill volume in Turkey. Çetintepe Dam and its facilities are on Göksu Stream. With the Project, the potable water need of Gaziantep Province will be supplied and 70,000 ha. of agricultural land will be irrigated. Scope of the Project cover a clay-cored dam with rockfill type body, upstream cofferdam body with sandy-gravel fill type, and downstream cofferdam body with rock fill type, and appurtenant structures (radial gated spillway, bottom outlet, derivation tunnels, Intake structures, conveyance tunnel and stilling basin, a tunnel with TBM, diversion weir, downstream channel improvement, material access roads, main access roads, etc.)

Main Features

Yukarı Kapıdere River Derivation
  • Hamzadere Weir (L=41 m)
  • Kapıdere Water Conveyance Tunnel (TBM) (D=4.5 m, L=1,775 m, Q=16 m³/s)
  • Water Conveyance Channel (L=1,645 m)
  • Clay Core Rockfill Dam
  • 116 m height
  • Fill volume 11,320,000 m³
  • Reservoir volume of 460 million m³
  • Spillway (4 radial gates each 5.5 m x 8.5 m size, Q=1552.30 m³/sn)
  • Diversion Tunnel (D=5.00 m, L=510m)

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