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We attended the 10th ICOLD European Club Symposium

The 10th ICOLD European Club Symposium, the supreme meeting of the Dam and HEPP sector in Europe, was held in Antalya between 25-30 October 2016, organized in cooperation with the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) and International Grand Dams Commission Turkish National Committee (TRCOLD) with the coordination of Dams and HEPP Department and the Personnel and Education Department.

Our Board Member Mehmet Harun Askeroğlu and Esen Yalım Karaduman made their presentations; on the subject of “Evaluation Of Conduit Alternative For CFRD Dams” and “Problems and Solutions in The Foundation and Body of a Homogeneous Fill Dam on a Weak Clayey-Silty-Sandy Formation” respectively in the symposium.

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