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We attended 1st Dams Congress

The 1st Dams Congress was held on 11-12 October 2012 in Ankara, under the organization of Ministry of Forestry , DSİ and TMMMB. Within the scope of the congress aiming to determine the design criteria for dams, which have an important place in the field of hydraulic energy, which is an important investment area of the private sector, according to the conditions of our country, various committees made presentations on the subject under the titles;
• Seismic Evaluation Committee in Dam Design
• Dams’ Hydrology and Hydraulics Committee
• Earthfill Dams’ Committee
• Concrete Dams’ Committee
• Dam Safety Committee
• Structural Design Committee
• Permanent Equipment Committee in Dams and HEPP Projects

Our Company’s Employees Mehmet Harun Askeroğlu participated in Earthfill Dams’ Committee and Esen Yalım Karaduman participated in Hydraulic committee studies. Our Board member Mehmet Harun Askeroğlu has presented his study named as “the Front-Face Covered Concrete Dams Practice Examples from Turkey” in the congress.

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