Pressurized irrigation network software is an improved AutoCAD plug-in which facilitates the design, prepare fast and accurate project drawings according to DSI standards with its flexible and efficient user interface.


-Network plan design

-Network diagramming
-Line drawing, editing, and drainage
-Defining distinction
-Adding singular or collective hydrant
-Determine static  piezometer  (pressure breaker valve)
-Preparing data for Network Optimization program of the DSI

-DSI Network optimization software solution files (*. pr3, pr6,data transfer and editing)

-Diameter information
-Dynamic and static piezometer
-Irrigation area and discharge

-Determine the type and range of your network diameter
-Commercial diameter selection
-Pipe type editor

-Adding pipe type
-Assigning the pressure class to pipe type
-Defining the internal and external diameter of pressure classes
-Defining the excavation geometry for various types of pipe

-Land line design
-Pipe axis design
-Adding and editing state of the art

-Air Relief Valve
-Shut-off valve
-Road Passage

-Questioning the design objects
-DSI standards plan and profile drawings
-Dwg-table drawings

-Air Relief Valve
-Emergency  valve
-Road Passage

-Network quantity survey


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