Bar-Su, founded in Ankara in 1996, is a consulting engineering company specialising in Irrigation and Dams. The company is a 100 % privately owned leading national consulting company in Turkey.

The company has become particularly expert in the design, engineering and management of projects involving irrigation developments ,water distribution enterprises and related facilities. These facilities include:

Feasibility studies , planning and design of irrigation and drainage systems, dams and HEPP, water supply and distribution systems, diversion and storage small dams, stilling basins and energy dissipators, large conduits , tunnels  and pumping stations.

Our consultant services are composed of a number of technical and resource management areas in which we have unique skills. Through our technically innovative as well as broad expertise,we help our clients reach their technical, economic and environmental goals.

Bar-Su is built on loyalty to our clients, to and from our employees, and to and from our suppliers. As a result, our clients have faith in us, our employees provide good service, and we receive unparalleled support from our employees.

Bar-Su‘s computer center equipped with high capacity hardware facilities and powerfull softwares, capable of solving all related engineering problems ,such as computational technigues and simulating physical processes.

Bar-Su, professional engineering company with ISO 9001 application, draws its strength from its wide skills in particular sector.